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Brett Hagler

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Brett Hagler is a Y Combinator alum, 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, DRK Entrepreneur, author, speaker and cancer survivor. After reviving a lost Christian faith, Brett took a trip to Haiti and met families living in the type of slums that New Story is now on a mission to transform into thriving communities. That on-ground experience, paired with his background in marketing, sales and formerly as a venture-backed ecommerce founder, connected the dots to create New Story. Brett writes about entrepreneurship, leadership and New Story's journey at www.bretthagler.com/blog and on LinkedIn.

From Brett Hagler and New Story

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New Story builds safe homes and transforms slums into thriving communities. We employ participatory design to involve beneficiaries in the end product and partner with local governments/NGOs to bring in community necessities like paved roads and schools. We are developing an open sourced “playbook” and toolkit of best practices for the ecosystem of entities who build communities for the poor. 

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