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Blake Smith

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Blake Smith is Founder and CEO of Cladwell, a clothing company that does not sell clothing. Blake’s goal is to fight for sustainability and humane labor practices by enabling people to buy fewer - but better - clothes. Cladwell resides at the intersection between math and art, much like Blake, who used his background in computational mathematics as a hedge fund analyst before joining the founding team of an agency that produced movies for Walmart, P&G, and many other Fortune 500 brands. In addition to Cladwell, Blake and his wife, Chandler, raise and homeschool four kids.

Cladwell is the only fashion tech startup on earth who is not trying to sell people more clothing. While the rest of the fashion industry is obsessed about what happens when people buy, they focus on what people wear everyday - helping others do more with less, for a small monthly fee. With over 12K paying subscribers, Cladwell has skyrocketed in the past year because of the millennial trend toward quality over quantity. It is their ambition to lead the fashion industry away from unsustainable and exploitative practices, and toward a fashion industry that is good for human beings.

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