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Anthony Flynn

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Anthony serves as Founder/CEO of Gifted. Prior to launching Gifted, Anthony served as CEO for a nationally recognized non-profit organization headquartered in Southern California. He has spent the last 15 years in high-capacity leadership roles in the public and non-profit sectors, including work with three Fortune 100 giants. He serves on a number of boards along with functioning as an executive strategist and consultant. Anthony earned a business degree at The University of Memphis and an advanced degree from Memphis Theological Seminary. Anthony resides in Atlanta, Georgia and loves hanging out with his amazing wife, son and daughter.

Gifted aims to produce first-generation college graduates and marketplace leaders from low-income communities across America. Launched in Atlanta with two part-time staff in 2012, the organization’s first group of 30 students earned more than $2.3 million in scholarships and subsidized educational funding. Using a four-stage approach to matriculating students from high school to college to the workforce, the organization intends to replicate its model in cities across the U.S. Gifted hopes to become a lever for eradicating poverty among low-income families while producing the next generation of marketplace leaders.