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Alex Lerza & Josh Kalsbeek


Alex is Co-Founder and CEO of R|TRIBE. He is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Specialist. Prior to becoming an LMFT, Alex did campus ministry with InterVarsity at several Bay Area universities including Stanford University.  His passion is to build technology that will equip this generation with the science and wisdom that heals addiction.



Josh is Co-Founder and CPO of R|TRIBE. He is an adventurer, entrepreneur, author, business coach, and psychotherapist. As a psychotherapist, he guides people on the path of transformation from the bondage of addiction to a life of freedom. As the product lead at R|TRIBE, he passionately scales that transformational journey to the masses.

From Alex Lerza & Josh Kalsbeek and The Recovery Tribe

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R|TRIBE is a smartphone app that provides an innovative, first-of-its-kind approach to recovery and accountability for addiction. The power of R|TRIBE is that it leverages community and ongoing connection against addiction and other acting-out behaviors. By having “always on” support, gamified tracking, and inspiring content, the company is empowering a whole generation to opt out of additction. In addition to supporting individual users, R|TRIBE provides analytics and support so that organizations are better equipped to fight the battle against addiction.

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