Praxis Course

The Praxis Course is a video-and-discussion based course for groups of current and aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators. 

In the Praxis community, we believe one of the most important tasks for Christ-following entrepreneurs is to cultivate what we call an "alternative imagination" based on how God loves and moves in the world (a theological vision) and how the world works today (a cultural vision). Then we bring new ideas, market propositions, and ventures to life as a creative response to our theological and cultural vision.

The Praxis Course is a powerful way to develop that alternative imagination among your own community, particularly among current and aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.

Leading a Group

There's no cost to do the Praxis Course. 

Everything you need is in this site: videos and discussion questions.

Ideally you will convene a group of 6-15 individuals to meet and contribute regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). 

They don’t need to be active entrepreneurs right now, but they should generally be exploring ideas like entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, design, vocation, leadership, double and triple bottom lines, and integration of faith and work.

You define the group and setting -- gather people within a church, within a business or nonprofit, within a school or some other institution, or across a city or community of any kind.

Ten sessions with a simple formula: warm hospitality + great video content + facilitated discussion. Nothing to buy or ship, no homework required. 

Ideally the sessions will be about two hours long. The pilot videos run 30-40 minutes, and this will leave you time for open/close and significant discussion.