Praxis Academy

Praxis Academy is training the next generation of redemptive entrepreneurs and innovators through our Annual Academy, Emerging Founders, Creative Council, and School Partnerships


Annual Academy

Week-long intensive for next-generation entrepreneurs & innovators

Each August, the Academy convenes over 200 undergraduates from more than 80 schools, including Ivy League universities, top public and research schools, and our Christian school partners. The program includes presentations, topical breakouts, mentor roundtables, worship and prayer, structured reflection, idea pitches, and meals with dozens of startup founders and cultural thinkers, including 25+ of our Praxis Mentors and Accelerator Alumni.

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Emerging Founders

Summer-long Immersion Where Top Founders Build a Redemptive Venture

Emerging Founders is a next step for high-caliber young people who are already launching ventures of their own. We bring them through a similar experience to our Accelerator, condensed into a single summer where they work full-time on their venture to determine its viability. The program begins with a week-long induction at our headquarters in New York City, and continues throughout the summer as they learn what it takes to be a redemptive entrepreneur through readings, a speaker series, mentorship, discipleship--all while in the thick of the process of venture buildling.

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School Partnerships

Bringing redemptive entrepreneurship and content to campus

Each year, we work with a select group of schools to share the lessons of redemptive entrepreneurship with students, faculty, and alumni. We offer workshops, talks, curriculum, and other content that powers and supplements their entrepreneurship programs. Schools also bring professors and top students to attend the Annual Academy.

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"For me, Praxis was nothing short of life-changing. It was so refreshing to finally see a community putting words and action to the deep longings of my heart, marrying entrepreneurial hustle and grit with a culture of world-changing compassion and purpose. The value of Academy extended far beyond just that week. In those 5 days, some of the most meaningful and ongoing relationships were forged with students, faculty, and accomplished entrepreneurs alike. No matter what lies before me on my vocational journey, I know that I will always point back to Praxis as a pivotal experience."
Justin Stimpson, Founder,

During the lifetime of Academy, we're honored to have worked with over 600 young people who come from over 100 different colleges and universities—both domestic and international. These next generation leaders seek to tackle some of the biggest challenges of tomorrow through faith-motivated, redemptive work across all sectors.

Alumni chart their own course for staying connected to the community with the guidance of the Praxis team—from working together on ventures they conceived during the Annual Academy, helping each other find jobs or housing in new cities, to locally hosted meet ups, and more.

We say it often, and hear it echoed each year from the dozens of successful founders who mentor during the Academy: working with these dedicated next generation leaders gives us a unique hope about the future.